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Now, more than ever, it is so important to celebrate and explore who we are as individuals. What does it mean to be you? Not only in the classroom but also what it means to be part of the global community! The purpose of this inquiry is to support educators to move from a teaching stance to a facilitator within the learning community. This is a structured inquiry that will allow students and even community member to explore their identity, who they are, their stories, their beliefs and morals, and so much more.


The perfect way to jumpstart inquiry with your students at the beginning of the school year. There are FOUR parts to this inquiry. Here is what this product includes:


  • Inquiry Skills, Strategies and Tools! - Teacher Guide: 

    • When we begin the inquiry process with our students there is a lot of pre-teaching of skills, strategies and tools that needs to happen. In this document, I share some of the most essential skills and strategies you and your students will practice before kicking off the inquiry process together.In this document, I share a list of skills, strategies, and tools alongside various examples of how you can explicitly teach and introduce these to your students. These teachable moments are all to prepare your learning environment for the INQUIRY PROCESS!

  • Provocations in the form of read alouds, websites, videos etc.
  • Guiding questions and prompts to get your student communicating and exploring their identities in a deeper way
  • Examples of different learning opportunities you can do with your students, including STEAM and CODING
  • Curriculum connections from KINDERGARTEN to GRADE 8
  • Tips on documentation during the Inquiry Process


Copyright© The.Art.of.Inquiry. All rights reserved by authors. This product is a School License for use by the original school downloader only. Copying for more than one school, or school system is prohibited. Intended for school, classroom, and personal use by the original downloader ONLY. If you wish to tell others about this resource, please send them the resource's link so that they can download it directly from my store. This resource may not be uploaded to any website for download. Linking back to my store is encouraged, but uploading my product to a website for others to download is strictly prohibited. 

Identity Inquiry - School License

  • Identity Inquiry: Structured Inquiry
  • INQUIRY Skills, Strategies and Tools! | Teacher Guide
  • 8 Steps to getting Started with Inquiry - Planner
  • My Agency and Inquiry Goal - Planner
  • Poster Quality - Inquiry Process, Q-chart, Identity Inquiry, and Learner Variability Map Images

The ARt of Inquiry

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